Our delightful junior class caters for children in Transition to Middle Primary. It is a blessing to watch the children being excited to learn new things about God’s world. Their eagerness, willingness and excitement about coming to school each day is infectious and it is wonderful to see the children running to school each morning with huge smiles on their faces.

Our literacy program sees students enjoy studying a variety of texts each term. Books of particular focus have been The Bear’s Lunch (Pamela Allen), Pig in the Pond (Martin Waddell), Mr McGee and the Biting Flea (Pamela Allen) and Big Rain Coming (Katrina Germein). The children enjoy exploring each text in depth. In conjunction with our Literacy program, we focus on developing the important building blocks which enable reading development through a rigorous guided reading program, phonics program and developing sound reading strategies. It is thrilling to see the children’s excitement as their reading journey begins and they start making sense of text and literature.
The Mayawa class shares devotions each day in a time to sing praises and give thanks to God. Our students love to sing songs in Yolngu Matha and English, and they also love to worship with music and dance.
Other sessions throughout the day include hands on mathematics sessions, reading sessions, Yolngu Matha language and culture lessons involving speaking, listening, reading and writing. After lunch, the children enjoy a variety of art, science, history, geography and health.
Mayawa class has been blessed to have many visiting teachers, specialists and aides working in their classroom throughout each year.



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