The Damala class is for students in Upper Primary and Middle School. We have a large range of ages and abilities in the class. The students love to come to school and are excited about learning!
We start each morning with an activities session which focuses on hands-on problem solving and spatial games and activities. This supports the transition into school time as students arrive from neighbouring homelands, and challenges students to think creatively and work cooperatively together.
We spend time every day unpacking God’s word with a passage, verse or song from the Bible and encouraging the students to seek ways to serve God as their Lord. It is a privilege to be able to share together and pray with one another in this way.
In our morning literacy focus, we run a guided reading program, and work on building skills with phonics, sight words, writing skills and techniques. Some of our favourite texts over the last few years have been Stellaluna (Janell Cannon), Storm Boy (Colin Thiele), Charlotte’s Web (EB White) and Croc Bait (Leonie Norrington) to name a few.
In our middle session, we have an independant reading time and build our skills using the Reading Eggs program and other iPad applications.
We also have a daily Maths program, working through the various topics of the Australian Curriculum. We make regular use of interactive resources and hands-on activities to support the learning point so that students are involved and active in their learning program.
Our Yolngu Matha Language and Culture lessons are a rich and diverse time to explore and develop language skills and a deeper understanding of culture. This often involves us drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our local elders and getting out and about on country.

In our afternoons we experience the breadth of activities our school has to offer with a selection of Art, Science, History, Geography, Technology and Health sessions. We have incorporated a Leadership program into our weekly activities to equip our young people with practical skills and abilities for their futures. This is providing students with experiences to build confidence, leadership, problem solving and life skills through practical hands-on workshops. Members of our school and homeland community are joining together to deliver a program we hope will build positive futures for our Gawa young people.
It is wonderful that the students experience this diversity of learning and have a taste of the possible futures ahead of them.


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