From a young age, children on the island have wonderful exposure to many different traditional arts and crafts. Art classes provide time during the week for the children to access many different materials to put to use the techniques they have observed from family members around them. We simplify many of the arts and crafts that are already a part of Yolngu history and culture so the children can express themselves through their traditional mediums.
We also gather our inspiration for our art from things the children are learning in their classrooms. The children have illustrated several books they have written together in their literacy classes and studied artwork in books to replicate techniques. The children study a different country each term and during our art lesson we like to explore the indigenous arts and crafts from these other cultures.
Art time is always lots of fun and a highlight of the week for many of the children. We observe together, learn together and make lots of mess together!
The children’s artwork is showcased at various times throughout the year in school art exhibitions. Several times a year we have cruise ships visit our shores or visitors from other parts of Australia. We always enjoy the opportunity to share the children’s culture and talents with others.
Salome Moes
Art Teacher Gawa Christian School


  Some examples of the children's beautiful artwork.

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