Students at Gawa have great opportunities to excel through the literacy and numeracy programs we offer at school. We make use of a variety of programs and strategies to tailor the learning environment to best meet the needs of individual students. Students are monitored closely and assessed regularly to track their progress.
We have a specific reading time everyday (DEAR – Drop Everything And Read program) during which students read with teachers and aides. Their reading is regularly assessed to ensure that they are reading at appropriate levels according to their ability. Students study a wide range of text types and genres as part of the literacy program across the year. Recently, we have been able to provide access to reading resources outside of school time through the provision of Literacy Hubs strategically located and managed around our school community. This will enable students to enjoy the joy of reading outside of the school context.
Our numeracy lessons are vibrant, exciting lessons which make use of the many wonderful resources we have in our classrooms. Our Interactive Whiteboards provide visual stimulus and a selection of hands-on games and activities are used to reinforce teaching points.
We have recently incorporated the Reading Eggs and Mathletics online programs into our classrooms. These interactive programs enable us to target particular learning needs of our students according to their strengths and weaknesses, and to utilise our wonderful ICT resources in an effective and meaningful way.
Our team of teachers and aides always encourage students to strive to do their very best and reach their God-given potential!
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