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Monday 14-Jun-2010 (0851 hrs CST)

Artist in Residence

An ‘Artist in Residence’ program was run at Gawa Homeland in May 2010. Alie Kruize, a mosaic artist from Perth (and our art teacher, Salome’s mother!) spent the month working with both the students from Gawa Christian School and community members living in Gawa, Nanginburra and Ban’thula on 2 large mosaic installations. The students all designed and created their own mosaic piece which later became part of a huge mural which is now displayed against the school library wall. Three large panels were designed by local artists symbolizing the three homelands involved in the project. Many community members worked for several weeks completing the pieces which are now displayed in the homeland. Alie also made a new sign for the school. It was wonderful to see traditional art created using a totally new medium and all involved thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating such beautiful pieces which will be on show for years to come! A big thank you to Alie for orchestrating such a large project and for offering her time, expertise and enthusiasm in producing such beautiful artwork for us all to admire here in Gawa.


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