Education at Gäwa

An educational journey that transforms the heart and mind

Yolŋu ga balanda guŋga’yunmirr djäma Garraywalaŋakurr romgurr. Yolŋu ga balanda gurrutumirr mala dhiyal wukiriŋur. Djamarrkuli ga marŋgithirr märrmawnha – Yolŋu ga balanda. Bondi märr walal dhu marŋgithirr Yolŋuw ga balandaw. Djamarrkuli bulu walal marŋgi nhä ŋayi ga ŋayatham dhiyaŋ wäŋay balanya nhakun räŋiŋur ga diltjiŋur. Bili walal ga marŋgithirr mirithirr ŋalapalmirriwal nhaltjar walal ga ŋalapalmirr baman marŋgithirr waŋganyŋuwal ŋalapalmirriwal nhakun buŋgulgu ga manikaygu.

Our teaching teams are made up of Yolŋu and non-indigenous staff who help each other in the classroom, teaching about God’s ways and knowledge from both perspectives (indigenous and western). Students are learning well and quickly. They learn about the land and the riches within the sea and the bush. They also learn from elders and community members about the traditional ways of living, such as ceremonies and songlines through which ancient knowledge is passed on. This knowledge includes caretaking of the land, seasons, directions and boundaries/ownership of each area.

We have three classes at Gäwa Christian School.

Getkit – Foundation to Year 3

Students in this class just love the wonder of learning in all forms. They are curious and joyful learners, benefiting from the strong teaching team of Yäŋay Bukulatjpi (Warramiri woman) and Chloe Vale (adopted Gälpu woman).

Gukuwal – Year 4 to Year 7

In this class, the students are learning what it means to participate in community as young men and young women. They are full of energy and determination, as well as music and joy. Warramiri women Lorru and Gurimaŋu Bukulatjpi, and adopted Warramiri woman Grace Abigail make up a wonderful teaching team for this class.

Murryil – Year 8 to Year 10

The young men and women of this class are on their way to being considered adults in their families. They are interested in real-life skills that will allow them to not only thrive as individuals but also bless their loved ones. We are currently advertising for a teacher for this class, with students currently being looked after by Principal Rachel Herweynen (adopted Golumala woman) and Gawutjurrwuy Dhamarrandji (Djambarrpuyŋu woman).