Student wellbeing

Napurr ŋuli ga guŋga’yun walalany nhäthinya walalaŋ djamarrkuliw ŋayaŋu dhiyal wukirriŋur märr-gaŋga manymak ga wiripuny bäyŋu walal ŋuli ga buthuru-witjun napurruŋ djägamirriw mala. Ga märr gaŋga yätjkum ŋunhi walal ŋuli ŋoy-marranhamirr balal walal ŋuli bunhamirra. Djäl napurr walalaŋ walal dhu märram manymak napurruŋguŋ walal dhu marŋgithirr Garraywalaŋaw Dhukarku. Walal dhu ga ŋuriŋiyi nhina dhiyal guŋga’yunaray.

We look after our students. We observe how they are feeling in their souls and support everyone, even when at first they might struggle to listen and follow. We look after them and show care. As they learn God’s ways, students start to settle and help. We do daily devotions. Our students also enjoy worship dancing. The whole community gets involved in teaching and caring for each student, helping them to grow strong in their identity.