Welcome to Gäwa Christian School. It is my great privilege to be living and working here in Gäwa as part of this small Christian community on Elcho Island in the Northern Territory. Gäwa Christian School is one of the most remote Indigenous schools in Australia and we rejoice and celebrate in God’s amazing provision. We encourage all our students to strive to reach their God-given potential, and to seek ways to serve Him. The children are encouraged and nurtured by the Elders who long to see them thrive in their homelands.
In planning our curriculum, we are continually looking for ways in which we can partner with our community in Both Ways Learning. In 2014, we continue to build our program on the Yolngu seasons and are excited about the diverse richness this brings to our classrooms.
Each term we select a focal passage of scripture to remind us of key aspects of the gospel, and this helps to give context and meaning to our teaching and learning as we strive to glorify God in all of our endeavours. We join in fellowship with others from our community each weekend for a time of praise and worship of our God. Our common love for our Lord and God is what truly makes Gäwa a very special place as we partner together to deliver culturally relevant, christian eduction to our students.
We distribute our newsletter several times a term to many people around Australia who love to hear our stories. Please contact us if you would like to be added to our email list!
Our school email address is admin.gcs@ntschools.net
Yours in Christ’s Service,
Karen Fletcher – Teaching Principal
Gäwa Christian School

 If you have any further questions regarding our school, please contact us on 08 8970 5212.   
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