Marŋgiyinyawu Yuwalkku.

Know and learn the truth.

Rommir. Mägaya. Raypirrimirr. Marŋgikunhamirr. Rerrimiriw. Guŋga’yunamirr. Gurrutumirr.

A Gäwa community vision for right living: The way of law. The way of peace. Having discipline. Having/giving knowledge. Without sickness. Giving/receiving help. Having family.

Dedicated teaching staff

Yolŋu and non-indigenous staff help students learn both indigenous and western knowledge.

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Christ centred

Students learn to seek God’s plan for their lives and to know Him intimately.

A community approach to learning

Our wider community helps teach and care for students, supporting them to grow strong in their identity.

About our school

We desire our students and staff to ‘know and learn the truth’ by being part of a learning community where God is glorified in everything we do. 

Gäwa Christian School is located on Elcho Island, in Warramiri land. As well as training students in God’s law and teaching the Northern Territory school curriculum, we seek to preserve Warramiri knowledge and the gifts of the wider Yolŋu culture.

News and announcements

Awards and Achievements

Congratulations to Marrara students for their outstanding achievements. Emma – Year 12 Student Emma was recently announced as the winner of the Art Educators of

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Welcome New Staff

We have had several new staff start at Marrara and we look forward to working with them. Aaron Maidment – Assistant Principal Hello! I am

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